Wild Master

The World of Ra'ksen

In the beginning....

A very primitive world, ruled by warrior chieftains and powerful tribal shamans, where Chaos is Law, and only the strong survive, we join an unlikely clan of traveling adventurers. Some are exiles of their clans, some have chosen to abandon their people, for reasons of their own. They have come together, each finding a niche of their own, seeking riches and knowledge, challenge and intrigue, or perhaps something more. Only time will tell.

In the world of Ra’ksen, civilization is not as we know it. A no-man’s land, where society is nomadic, and only a few village strongholds have been established, with no government save what the tribes make for themselves. Magic is primitive, but powerful, and humans are far from the dominant race. There are no centralized sources of information, and so any would-be arcanists must seek out masters to train them in ancestral magics….if the master is willing. Scrolls are scraps of hide tucked into pouches, spellbooks written on one’s flesh with needle and blade. Warriors learn their art as soon as they are able to hold a weapon. The shamans take on apprentices and teach them the ways of the wild.

Here, you prove your mettle or die in the trying.



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